How do you choose your wedding photographer?

Once the confetti has settled and the honeymoon is over, then comes the exciting time to receive your photos.

The walk down the aisle, the hug with your Dad, the joke in the best man’s speech: you’ll be able to look back on all those special moments not just now, but in years to come.

It’s important that you’re happy with your wedding photos. It can be one of the biggest wedding regrets for couples that they either didn’t capture all the moments they wanted or they ended up not liking the photographer’s pictures.

So how do you go about choosing the right photographer? After some research and personal experience, I'm going to offer you some advice to choosing a wedding photographer.

  1. Set a budget, there are many different photographers out there, with vastly different prices. That is not to say one at £300 isn't going to get the same memorable images and as one who has been in the industry for over 30 years and charges £8000. But you need to know what you would be comfortable to spend, and how much of your day you actually want to have covered.
  2. Choose your preferred image style, Contemporary, Traditional, Reportage? Yes, they are all very different. Therefore you need to choose and style and see if your photographer does that.
  3. Ask for testimonials, you may want someone who can be "bossy" and help coordinate your day, or you may prefer someone who blends into the background and gets the job done. There is only one way to find out their real character. And testimonials can let you know this.
  4. Ask to see a portfolio, if possible one of your venues, however, a seasoned photographer will be able to show you the style of their work and images from any location. See what you do or don't like, and don't be afraid to ask for shot types and things to be avoided, or more of.
  5. Arrange a meeting, yes at the moment a Zoom call is pretty standard, but check you gel with the photographer. You might not want a certain type of person, or not click with them. I also recently have found ladies prefer a female photographer for the bridal preparation shoot and getting ready in the room with them. Have a think if that's something you would be more comfortable with.
  6. Ask questions, Sometimes photographers subcontract work, so checking if it will be them on the day? or asking how they prepare for the day? Have they been to your venue? Do they have backups? All of these things can help you feel more comfortable with your choices.

After all your wedding, is your special day, and one of the best ways to capture as many moments as possible is with images. Therefore the Photographer can be a key figure in your day. We can all remember "that wedding photographer" from a wedding you were a guest at. So with a little preparation, you will get the best memories captured from your special day.

If you would like to ask any questions please feel free to drop me an email

Speak soon