Congratulations on your engagement! Now whats next in the early wedding planning stages?

Congratulations on your engagement, after the year we have had I wasn't too sure how many people were going to be getting engaged this time of year. But the amount I have seen in my news feed and from enquiries has shown that people are now looking forwards again and planning their amazing day and looking to the future.

I have also had some messages from people close to me, as they know I'm in the wedding industry asking for my opinion on what they do next. So I thought it could be helpful for some others.

This won't be a decisive long list, however the first things to be ticked off that list to start this exciting planning journey.

Stage 1

  1. Tell your loved ones!! Whether this is a Facebook relationship change post, or if you can hold off a little longer to have an engagement photoshoot. I'm sure you're raring to go and let the world know your important news!
  2. Think about a date, yes it may be early but many things around your wedding will be dependent on your date. Do you fancy a summer wedding or a winter? This year or next? Every business you contact about your day will be asking you this question very early on.
  3. Find a wedding venue, do you want to get married in your local church with a meal afterwards? or an "all in one" location such as a luxury country manor hotel? is it a small gathering of 30 or a large 300 people event? Well have a think, and go see a few before you make your choices. It can be very overwhelming and easy to jump in too quickly (if you have a while to plan) and choose something as its all so shiny and exciting! (FYI Some places will let you hold the date for a few days until the next step is done too.)
  4. Make it legal, Once you have your location and date, then you need to ensure you can legally get married that day, so arrange with the vicar / local registry office to read your bands and register the wedding for your date and location. (this point you can secure the service & reception too)

So now you have told everyone! you have a date and a venue. Then the "fun stuff begins"

Stage 2
  • Photographer - like wedding venues many photographers are booking for years ahead, therefore there will be some dates already taken. Have a look around on a few peoples website gallery and find a fit of the style and feel for how you would like your day to be captured and remembered. Personally, my wedding photography style is timeless, natural and classic. Focused on the love and emotion of the day without gimmicky images. However this may not be what you want, and that's fine there will be a photographer out there for you and the style of your very special wedding day. Pick a few people you like, check your date, find out about packages and prices (so you don't get a shock later), and ALWAYS arrange a meeting to get to know their personality, as they will be around ALOT on your special day, so, therefore, make sure you click with them.
  • Dress & suits -  The one to arrange early on would-be wedding dress shopping with your family. Usually, dresses ask for a 6 to 8 month lead time, therefore if your wedding is this year you would need to arrange this sooner rather than later. Generally, suits and bridesmaid dresses have a shorter lead time.
  • Invites/save the dates - of course, you want all of your loved ones to attend your wedding and will have to let them know about the special day. Therefore early on is best to send at least a save the date card. For this, you don't need the fancy colour schemes and more detailed information you would put in your full invitation. However, they are very useful to get the people you want there to block out your date. 

Now its time to get creative and finalise those colour schemes and turn those Pinterest boards into a reality.

Stage 3
  • Transport - How are you and your goom getting to the venue? do your guests need transport between various locations?
  • Florist -  what flowers would you like, what about buttonholes for the groom and & groomsmen? Do you need to supply the flowers at the service location and for the reception?
  • Cake maker - and of course cake tasting! Would you like traditional? or maybe a cheesecake? are there any allergies to cater for, would you even go for cupcakes? this is a fun part to pick.
  • Hair & Makeup -  once you have an idea of the style you would like, I would suggest booking in with your usual hairdresser early on, as you may need to plan ahead, are you going to need to grow your hair or get extensions? also, you can plan colouring timings and trials before your big day. This is similar to makeup, are you planning to do your own or get a professional? If like me you don't wear much makeup, a trial is a good idea to get the idea before the day.
  • Music & DJ -  does your venue include any? or would you prefer a live band to a DJ, or even arrange a Spotify playlist for guests to submit songs onto and DIY with speakers (get a friend to be in charge on the day)
  • Decoration -  All the final little details, it will totally depend on you and your styling, Classic & contemporary? woodland/rustic? Boho and colourful? This is truly where you get to put your stamp on your day.

I hope this helps a little I love wedding planning and the decisions that made to make your day special and exclusive to you.

If you have any questions or anything I can help with simply drop me a message on the details below.


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